Inspired Steps

                                                Our concept 

Inspired Steps is a private, non-governmental agency focused on helping people understand various aspects of East Asia
at a local level in the areas of language,culture and business.Sewn together under MuviK’s experience in Asia for 8 years,
Inspired Steps provides an expanding platform for people of all ages and nationalities to discover the rich culture of Korea & Japan.

                                                  Our vision

Inspired Steps provides unique traveling and culture experiences customized to the needs of the individual or group.
Participants can learn the culture directly from local people so they make the most of their stay in these two fascinating countries.

Akaya (Japan)
Marketing Manager

I’ve had a great time doing an intensive Korean course in Seoul university.I was very lucky with Inspired Steps; they were always helpful and lovely, and they really wanted me to like their amazing country.

Hannah Baker

My stay in Seoul was a 10 in every way.

Alex maxit

In Inspired Steps lessons i`ve found the best suited lessons for me and ONLINE !

natasha okiwa

My vocal skills are better thanks to inspired steps vocal lessons ^^

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